Get extra love for your love of LYF.

If you're anything like me, support and accountability helps you stay motivated and reaching one milestone after the next. Set yourself up for success now and help your closest friends and family at the same time! 

Invite friends, coworkers and family to join the program so you can go through it together, help keep each other on track and celebrate your successes

How does it work?

Send a personalized invitation to your friends, coworkers or family (no spam, please!) with three easy steps:

STEP (1).png

ASK: "Are you interested in working with Caitlin too?!" If they are:


STEP (2).png

Click "INVITE MY FRIENDS" below and filling out the form with your name, email address and your friend's name, email address and the service you think is the best fit for them!

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Your friend will receive a personalized email from Caitlin directly with the subject line: "WELCOME TO LAVELLE YOGA FIT: YOUR INVITATION INSIDE!" within two business days that looks something like this: 

A special invitation just for you is enclosed! 
[Your Name] just signed up for Lavelle Yoga Fit (LYF) [Service] with Caitlin, owner of LYF. We're giving you first and exclusive access to join before it's booked out because [Your Name] thought you'd love it too! 
A little bit about [Recommended Service] and Caitlin:....
You can check out more details and sign up here [hyperlink] today using your code {Code] before the program closes on [Date] so you and  [Your Name] can support and motivate each other along the way and toast each success!
-Caitlin and [Your Name]

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This helps determine if in-person or online training is the right fit for your friend right off the bat!
Please add any notes/questions below. If you're recommending 2:1 training to two friends to train together, please list the second friend's name and contact information here.